Date 04/04/18 12Z
Stage Tropical Depression
Pressure 1007 hPa
Wind/Gust 20 - 30 knots
14.8S / 95.4E
WSW - 14 knots
Region Distance
Jakarta(Indonesia) 1581 km
Diego Garcia(Chagos) 2645 km
Perth(Australia) 2826 km
Broome(Australia) 2883 km
Port Mathurin(Rodrigues) 3438 km

Trajectory map of INVEST (90S)

Trop. depression Trop. depression Trop. storm Trop. storm Cat.1 Cat.1 Cat.2 Cat.2 Cat.3 Cat.3 Cat.4 Cat.4 Cat.5 Cat.5

Satellite view of INVEST (90S)

Wind speed evolution of INVEST (90S)