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Date 16/08/18 18Z
Stage Tropical Depression
Pressure 1010 hPa
Wind/Gust 15 - 20 knots
33.5N / 165.9E
NNE - 7 knots
Region Distance
Sendai(Japan) 2312 km
Tokyo(Japan) 2403 km
Tosashimizu(Japan) 3057 km
Tamuning(Guam) 3083 km
Kogashima(Japan) 3307 km

Trajectory map of HECTOR (10E)

Trop. depression Trop. depression Trop. storm Trop. storm Cat.1 Cat.1 Cat.2 Cat.2 Cat.3 Cat.3 Cat.4 Cat.4 Cat.5 Cat.5

Satellite view of HECTOR (10E)

Wind speed evolution of HECTOR (10E)